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blow out


Brush & Blow w/ Flat Iron. Leaves hair smooth & straight for that sleek look.

beachy blowout


Brush & Blow
Leaves your hair straight with loads of volume.

volume blowout


Brush & Blow with a wand/curling iron creating that carefree hairstyle.

dsparada Color Salon: An Award-Winning Hair Salon Right Here in Raleigh, NC

At dsparada, we are proud to offer premium hair salon services to clients throughout the Raleigh area. Founded by celebrity hair stylist Don Stacy, our team delivers the same level of expertise sought by celebrities, top models and fashion magazines. In fact, we have earned awards and national recognition for our innovative styling and exclusive hair coloring process. Whatever your styling or beauty needs, you can expect the best from dsparada!

Winner of Best Hair and Color Salon in Raleigh

Our salon was recognized by Wake Living Magazine readers as the best hair and color salon in the Raleigh area for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017!

A Full Range of Salon Services

While we are known for our hair stylists and hair color experts, we offer a full range of salon services as well – making us the ideal choice for all your beauty needs.

Our services include:

· Haircuts and Shaping

· Full Hair Color and Highlights

· Hair Styling

· Keratin Treatments

· Conditioning Treatments

· Brow Tinting

· Facial Waxing

· Go Out Blow Out

· Wedding Do Ups

Doing it Right

We are proud of our reputation, and we work hard to maintain it through passionate, detail-oriented, creative hair services that focus on helping you look your best. We are trained and experienced at seeing the inner beauty in every client, and we know how to bring out that beauty. A great haircut and styling can not only make you look better, it can make you feel better too!

Stylish Haircuts

Our stylish haircuts are based on what will make your personality shine through, not one size fits all solutions. We look carefully at your physical traits and get a feel for who you are on the inside, and then give you a haircut to match.

Complementary Hair Color

While we are always happy to give you exactly the color and style you want, we are also serious about getting you the best look possible. We will base our recommendations on your hair, skin coloration and preferences to ensure you get not just the color you want, but also a color that will work for as long as you want it to.

Focused on Your Comfort and Satisfaction

We know you are coming to us because you believe we are the best at what we do. But we also know how important it is to deliver a great salon experience – so you will come back again and again. Our team is friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. Here you can expect to have fun and leave looking great!

Get Your Professional Consultation

For every new client, our beauty salon provides a professional consultation to learn about your hair styling preferences and to study your features and coloring. We will let you know what we think will work best, and will work with you to make a decision you can be fully satisfied with.

Please contact our beauty salon to schedule your consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

The Principles of dsparada Color Salon

Our Raleigh hair stylists and hair color experts have a passion for what they do. We truly believe in creating a world in which inner beauty is also expressed outwardly, where a great haircut can enhance not only your look, but also your outlook. Our salon principles:

    1. Truly complementary hair color based on a thorough understanding of your hair, skin coloration and preferences.
    2. To create stylish haircuts that make your personality shine, not overwhelm it.
    3. To make your visit enjoyable, convenient and fun.

At dsparada Color Salon, it’s all about you. We start your salon experience with a professional consultation to learn your preferences as well as study your features and coloring to determine the most flattering look for you. From the moment you walk in our door to the moment you leave (with a beautiful new hairstyle!) we pamper, charm and listen to you.

dsparada Color Salon is proudly owned and staffed by innovative stylists and colorists who enjoy bringing breakthrough thinking and results to their work.

Ready to schedule your dsparada Color Salon experience? We look forward to sharing our hair styling expertise as we work with you to create your ideal look.

dsparada is committed to only offering and using the finest products in our salon. Our salon products include:

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Located on Falls of Neuse Road, dsparada Color Salon is a nationally-recognized salon right here in Raleigh, NC. Our clients hail from across the Triangle, including Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham and beyond.

Find Raleigh’s Top Hair Stylists at dsparada Color Salon

Here Are Some Of The Friendly Faces You'll See At Our Salon!

  • Don Stacy
    Celebrity Hair Stylist
    Owner of dsparada Color Salon
    Don Stacy: Celebrity Hair Stylist & Owner of dsparada Color Salon. At dsparada Color Salon, our love for style starts at the top. Nationally acclaimed hair stylist Don Stacy helped to put Raleigh, NC on the glamour radar when he founded dsparada Color Salon in 2000. Since then, our hair salon has built a reputation for innovative styling, hair coloring expertise and a depth of knowledge you won’t find anywhere else in the Triangle.
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  • Jennifer Cooper
    As a member of the dsparada team since 2009. Jennifer takes pride in her work and every aspect of hair design. Working with the best of the best from Goldwell, Kevin Murphy, and ColorProof, she has become an Envoy with Colorproof as well as holds many certifications in keratin smoothing systems. Inspiration and education are a key part to her success. She frequently attends trend setting education seminars so they she may better serve her clients as well as stay on the “cutting edge” of hair design.
  • Jon Weston
    Our experienced stylist, Jon Weston, has been apart of our team since 2013. Jon has been styling hair in the Raleigh area for over 9 years and boasts extensive post-graduate cutting and styling training with RUSK and specialized color training with Redken International Style Houses. His specialties include Multi-dimensional Blonde Highlighting and Short Style cuts. “My main passion with what I do is to provide my clients with a bespoke style that is truly their own. Whether it be Classic and Sophisticated, or Modern and Sassy!” – Jon Weston
  • Ray Roesemann
    Raymond has been specializing in hair color for 25 years, from New York to Miami. He worked beside Peter Coppola, Louis Licari, Eyve Durif and Julian Ferrel. He was featured on the Today Show and CBS Evening News during the make over segments. Now in Raleigh at Dsparada he is looking forward to working with you.
  • Arturo Pujol
    Arturo lives in Spain and comes to the salon twice a year to work at the Dsparada salon. He comes from the world renowned VIDAAL SASSOON Academy and salons in London, England – where he served as one of their top stylists as well as an instructor. Having worked and taught in Manchester, England and Glasgow, Scotland, he was then given the opportunity to train Mitchell’s hair styling in NC for 10 years as their advanced training Instructor. Arturo is the master of precision cuts and has recently been working in New York and Chicago at the IBS show.
  • Christy Callaghan

    We are proud to announce the newest addition to the dsparada family, Christy Callaghan. Christy is a third generation hairstylist and mother of three. She has been an Artistic Educator for Matrix and has won a national award for the product company. Christy is a former salon owner and was featured on the T.V. Show “America’s Top Salon.” She has also had her work published in “Artfully Wed” magazine. Christy believes in education and has her Associate in Applied Science and her North Carolina Cosmetology Instructor’s License. 

    “I am so excited to be part of this great team. I love the atmosphere and the wonderful clients that come in each day. I have a real passion for what I do and would love to create the look you desire. I am a artist by nature and have sculptures up in downtown Fayetteville. I love to match the color and cut to my guest and feel I create a custom look for each person that sits in my chair. I love being a stylist so much and it allows me to pursue my other passion, community service. I am the founder of the Wounded Warrior Cut-a-thon, I donate services for Breast Cancer Survivors and I created a VIP Program that offers make-overs to victims of domestic violence. I really enjoy sharing my talents and would love to have you as my guest.” - Christy

    Christy is cut and color certified. She has taught color correction and grey coverage. Christy also skilled at Keratin treatments and Formal Styling. Be sure to book with Christy for your Wedding or next formal event.

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    "Don Stacy: Celebrity Hair Stylist & Owner of dsparada Color Salon Don Stacy: Celebrity Hair Stylist & Owner of dsparada Color Salon. At dsparada Color Salon, our love for style starts at the top. Nationally acclaimed hair stylist Don Stacy helped to put Raleigh, NC on the glamour radar when he founded dsparada Color Salon in 2000. Since then, our hair salon has built a reputation for innovative styling, hair coloring expertise and a depth of knowledge you won’t find anywhere else in the Tri"
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