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Tips for Increasing Audi Transmission Life

Car Transmission Gears

If you do certain things on a regular basis, the life of your Audi transmission can be increased quite effectively.

Don't Leave the Same Transmission Fluid for Too Long
Most people retain the transmission fluid for a long time. This is not good, because over time the transmission fluid loses its lubricating potential. When that happens, it's no longer able to minimize the wear and tear to the moving parts of the transmission. A fluid that's been in use for too long won't be able to properly dissipate the heat that's generated by the continuous movement of the transmission. This will accelerate the deterioration of the components. Make it a point to change the transmission fluid at suitable intervals.

Use an Oil Cooler in the Transmission
An oil cooler is a device that helps in bringing down the temperature of the gears and other moving parts within the transmission. Oil coolers work for all Audi transmissions, but they are found to especially work best with A6 Quattro Audi transmissions.

Keep Checking the Gears
The gears are the moving parts of your transmission and hence they directly influence how well this component performs. Due to their movement, they're constantly prone to friction and heat buildup. You need to tone this down. One investment you could make here is to use ceramic rotors, which help in reducing the friction and hence the heat that is generated in the machine.

Use a Bigger Transmission Pan
The best thing about using a larger transmission pan is that you can ensure more oil enters your transmission. This helps because more oil means more lubrication for the gears. This keeps the gears moving smoothly, minimizes friction and ensures they can work longer. When you have a larger transmission pan, the whole area is better aerated.

How to Change Audi Transmission Fluid

Audi transmission fluid is supposed to last the life of a vehicle, according the auto manufacturer. However, there will be wear and tear on your transmission and you may find the need to change the fluid at some point. Doing so is easy enough. Like an oil change, make sure you change the transmission fluid filter during this process as well.

Tools and Materials

  • Jack stands
  • A socket wrench
  • A new filter
  • Gaskets
  • Transmission fluid
  • A vehicle repair manual
  • A pump

Drain the Old Fluid
Drain the existing fluid from your Audi. In order to do so you should jack up the front end and prop the car up on jack stands. Make sure the engine is turned off and place a container or pan under the drain plug. Open the fill plug and then the drain plug, and drain the fluid into the container.

Clean the Transmission Pan
Once the fluid is drained you can remove the cover on the transmission pan in order to clean it. Make sure you completely clean the pan, including any magnets that are used to collect metal from your fluid. Brake cleaner is probably the best chemical to use to clean your transmission pan

Remove and Replace the Filter
Remove the old transmission filter. Afterward you can install a new rubber filter gasket onto the engine, and then install the new filter. Torque the filter to the correct amount as per the guidelines for your vehicle, making sure it isn't too tight

Replace the Pan and Fill with Fluid
Replace the transmission pan and the pan gasket on the vehicle. Make sure you properly tighten the pan so that fluid doesn't leak out once it is replaced. Close the drain plug and fill the transmission. To fill the pan back up you need the assistance of a pumping tool that should be readily available at any auto parts supplier. Fill the pan until fluid begins to leak out. Start your vehicle and let it run for a minute to draw transmission fluid into it. Repeat this step for every gear, filling the fluid up until it flows out for each gear. Once finished, you can install the fill plug and take the car for a short test drive, paying close attention to any odd sounds. Assuming everything is working fine, you should be all done.

How an Audi Transmission Compares to Other Car Makes' Transmissions

The new Audi transmission is a continuously variable-multitronic transmission, and is considerably different from the CVT found in comparable cars.

The Audi Multitronic Transmission
The Audi multitronic transmission is a stepless transmission that allows the car to have better acceleration. It makes the vehicle more fuel efficient and more comfortable to drive than comparable cars with 5-speed manual transmissions. It overcomes common car transmission issues such as poor dynamism. Audi has modified the variator of the CVT by using a link-plate chain that handles the torque produced by the 6-cylinder engine. This variator makes a hydraulic torque converter unnecessary. Other cars do have CVT, but not the variator. While comparable cars with CVT have transmission slips, also known as the slipping clutch syndrome, the optimization of the hydraulic systems has resolved this problem in the Audi.

Advantages of the Audi Multitronic Transmission
The Audi transmission has several advantages and the chief among them are enhanced on-road performance, outstanding fuel efficiency and faster acceleration. Cars with multitronic and continuously variable transmissions offer jolt-free rides as compared to cars with conventional transmissions. Vehicle equipped with the Audi multitronic transmission can also handle as much as 290 horsepower. These transmissions are therefore completely reliable in terms of handling powerful engines. The hydraulic system of the Audi CVT transmission has two circuits: a low pressure one for cooling and a high pressure circuit for clamping and ratio adjustments. As a result of this system, there is a quicker response to the instructions of the control system and decreased power requirement by the hydraulic pump.

An Audi CVT transmission or multitronic transmission is better than the CVT of other cars and makes the car very responsive to the driver's instructions.

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