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Hair Color Removal

Hair Color Removal at dsparada

Disastrous home hair coloring projects, root color that doesn't match hair color, and having second thoughts about a recent hair dye job are reasons why people often seek hair color removal at dsparada Color Salon in Raleigh. Some important things to know about hair color removal include:

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• If you colored your hair three days ago, over-the-counter hair dye removal products probably won't remove the color. Consult with one of our Raleigh hair color salon professionals before using OTC hair color removal to achieve desired results.

• OTC hair dye removal products are cheap because they contain the cheapest chemicals needed to essentially "fry" the color out of your hair. Avoid extensive hair damage by having a licensed stylist remove your hair color with salon industry products and hot oil treatments.

• Dyeing your hair directly after removing color should only be done at our Raleigh hair color salon. OTC hair color removers can severely dehydrate your scalp, weaken hair and even damage hair follicles enough to interfere with normal hair growth.

• Baking soda, vinegar, hair bleach and anti-dandruff shampoos DO NOT remove hair color. Baking soda and vinegar may cause unwanted color tints to emerge in your hair. Bleach meant to lighten hair can give your hair a greenish tinge difficult to remove. Also, perm solutions will not remove hair coloring. Please consult our professionals when considering hair color removal.

Professional Hair Color Removal

Removing hair color safely involves color molecule shrinking (oxidative removers) and conditioner/hot oil treatments offered at our hair salon in Raleigh. Color molecule treatments for removing hair dye works by applying a solution and heating the solution to gently diminish color molecule size. Instead of damaged, brittle, weakened hair, your hair remains healthy, conditioned and free of unwanted colors. Be aware that semi-permanent hair colors are made with direct and oxidative dyes so color molecule shrinking treatments may not be wholly effective with this type of hair color.

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If you are interested in professional hair color removal services, call (919) 790-1707 today to schedule a consultation with one of our hair stylists. We will also talk about your desire for future hair coloring treatments, what you expect from results of a salon-grade hair coloring treatment and if you would like to explore other services we offer, such as hair styling, keratin treatments for managing frizzy, curly or damaged hair and highlighting your hair. Ask about our popular Hair Color Express treatment--half the time and half the price for dazzling, beautifully retouched hair!

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