Experimenting with different hairstyles and lengths can be fun, especially as you go through different stages of life. When you’re young, you may like having your hair long and wild, and when you’re older, you may try a pixie cut to see if it fits your personality. Short and sassy haircuts can be fun, but when you’re ready to grow it out, the process can be frustrating. As we continue with part two of this series, we will give you a few more tips to help make the transition from short hair to long hair easier.

Whether you’re interested in a bold new look or you want to brighten up your current look, dsparada Color Salon is here to help! We offer expert haircut and color services to residents throughout Raleigh, helping you look your very best and love your hair. Our stylists will listen closely to what you want, and they will work with you to create a look that is flattering, fun, and full of movement. Interested in learning more about our haircut and color services? Contact dsparada Color Salon to schedule an appointment today!

Use Bobby Pins!

When you have short hair, there isn’t much that you can do in the way of styling — adding products to give shape and texture are pretty much as good as it gets. However, as your hair starts to grow out, you will find that simple styles are not out of the question. In fact, styling your hair may be the best way to get through some of the more awkward stages of growth. To style your hair, you will need bobby pins, and lots of them! For people with long, thick hair, it may take hours to achieve an elegant updo, but with your shorter hair, you can twist and style your hair with ease and use bobby pins to secure your gorgeous look. Not only will bobby pins help you secure your hair in place as it starts to grow, but they will also become your best friends on days where your hair is not cooperating.

Upgrade your Headband Collection

Wearing a headband may seem too obvious of a solution for tricky hair days, but it can actually be the most useful tool in your arsenal. There are countless products and styling tools that you can buy to combat bad hair days, but if you’re looking to save some time and money, then a headband is all you need! Take this as an opportunity to stock up on new headbands that you can throw on if your hair is being difficult. A headband will help get the hair out of your face, and even if your locks are looking on the messy side, a headband will help hide it and give you an overall more put-together look.

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Growing out a short haircut, especially a pixie cut, takes dedication, and if you’re struggling with hair that refuses to be tamed, then the experts at dsparada Color Salon are here to help! We offer haircut and color services, helping you look and feel your best as soon as you step foot in our salon. If you are interested in learning more or making an appointment, then give us a call.

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