Your hair always looks and feels its best after you’ve gone to the salon, whether you just colored and cut your hair or you went in for a blowout between appointments. Unfortunately, your gorgeous hair is often short-lived because eventually, you have to take a shower and wash your curls and volume away. However, if you have dry shampoo in your arsenal, then you have the advantage of helping your ‘do last a few extra days! In today’s post, we will provide you with a few tips on how to use dry shampoo correctly to help your gorgeous locks look their best!

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How to Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a common hair product in most households, and this wonderful haircare product is the perfect solution for eliminating oil in between washes. While most people may have dry shampoo in their arsenal and use it on a daily basis, they may not be using it correctly. The steps for applying dry shampoo are as follows:

  1. Hold the dry shampoo six inches away from your hair, and spray it directly at your roots. Only use it on areas where your hair feels oily, and avoid spraying it on your entire head.
  2. Massage the dry shampoo into your scalp to help it absorb the oil. You can try flipping your head upside down to help add more volume while massaging the dry shampoo into your hair.
  3. Use a brush or comb to smooth your hair, and restyle as desired.

These steps may seem pretty straightforward, but it’s easy to miss one step or another and end up with hair that is dry or chalky.

Dry Shampoo Mistakes to Avoid

If you want your second- or third-day hair to look voluminous and clean, then it’s important to use your dry shampoo wisely. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the most common mistakes to avoid when applying dry shampoo.

Massaging Dry Shampoo Immediately

Once you apply the dry shampoo to your hair, you shouldn’t immediately reach to massage it into your scalp. Instead, give it a few minutes to soak in before you gently massage the dry shampoo into the oily areas of your hair.

Applying to the Wrong Part of Your Head

As we mentioned above, you don’t want to apply dry shampoo to your entire head. In most cases, your hair starts to feel oily along the hairline, at the base of the neck, and on the crown of your head, so it’s best to try and stick to those areas.

Using Too Much

The great thing about dry shampoo is that a little goes a long way. When applying it to your hair, you don’t want to use the entire can on one section. Instead, isolate the areas that need the dry shampoo the most and apply a small amount to each. When in doubt, it’s best to apply a smaller amount and reapply later.

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When you want to keep your professionally styled look as long as possible, dry shampoo is often the solution! With these tips, you can keep your hair looking amazing for longer, and when it’s time for a cut, color, or a blowout, come to dsparada Color Salon! Our stylists offer a variety of salon services that will help you look and feel your best, so contact our Raleigh salon to make an appointment today!

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