Hair Color Services

Tired of seeing the same old hair color day after day? Do you dream of transforming your hair color from dull to dazzling? Call dsparada Color Salon today to speak to a professional stylist who can help you choose the best color for your skin tone, eye color, and unique personality. We only use the highest quality, longest lasting hair coloring products that are specially formulated to give your hair a brilliant, healthy, attractive shine. Our Raleigh salon also offers trendy and traditional hair colors and hair coloring techniques, including balayage.

Choose to highlight the colors you already have or live dangerously and go for a whole new look! Your appointment starts with a personal consultation and expert assessment of your features by a professional hair colorist. Then, tell your stylist exactly what you want in a hair color (bring pictures if you like) and get set to change your look and your life!

Our Color Philosophy

At dsparada Color Salon, we understand how important it is to provide you with the most ideal color and cut. To create a style that enhances your look and expresses your personality, our colorists have perfected an exclusive hair color method that ensures you will receive the most amazing results.

In addition to full (all over) color and highlighting, we can also retouch color and add extra color, and we also offer base break and primer coloring (primer means filling your hair with gold and red pigment before actually coloring it). Don’t forget to ask about our toner, glaze (shine and sealer), and hair color removal services when you call to schedule your appointment!

True Colors

Your appointment begins with a personal consultation and expert study of your features, including skin tone and eye color. From there, we listen to you to understand what you’re looking for from your hair color.

The hair color you choose should flatter your skin tone, not wash it out or overpower it. This is where a stylist at our Raleigh color salon can really help you determine the best hair color for your complexion and eye color. If you’re not sure what kind of hair color you want, don’t hesitate to bring in your laptop or tablet brimming with images of models with hair colors that you like or don’t like. Of course, we will color your hair any shade you wish, but our stylists are trained professionals who have in-depth knowledge of how to bring out your underlying skin tones with certain hair colors to make you absolutely glow.

In The Best Light

We understand that hair color is most true when seen in natural daylight, so the dsparada Color Salon features precise lighting that exactly imitates natural late afternoon daylight. This means that you will see the precise shade of your hair color before you leave the salon, no matter what time of day it is.

What is Balayage Hair Coloring Technique?

Created to provide natural-looking color highlights that allow roots to grow without showing obvious color differences, the Balayage technique is a popular hair coloring method relied on by many celebrities who don’t want anyone to know they color their hair. Hair colorists at our Raleigh salon begin the Balayage process by painting on highlights manually, using a sweeping motion from your scalp to your hair tips. Applied lightly at the base, color is then applied more heavily on the tips. As your hair grows, roots are concealed for a few months because a thinner color has been applied to your hair’s base.

Hair Color Services Include:

  • Full color (all over) $99*
  • Retouch color (new growth) $70*
  • Base break $40*
  • Extra color $20
  • Primer (filling the hair with red and gold pigment before coloring) $40*
  • Toner $40*
  • Hair glaze (for shine and sealer) $40*
  • Hair color removal (each time) $100
  • Platinum (double process) consultation only

Highlight Services Include:

  • Full foil (one color included in price full head to neckline) $125*
  • ¾ foil (3/4 front, sides, top to middle of back) $110*
  • Partial foil (half head front) $80*
  • Babylights (front fringe) $69*
  • Balayage I (partial) $115
  • Balayage II (3/4) $129
  • Balayage III (full) $169
  • Extra colors $20
  • Corrective color – get quote upon consultation

Hair Color Express: Half the Time, Half the Price:

  • Express retouch $50*
  • For retouch only
  • Does not include any other services
  • We apply the color and you do the rest.
  • Note: Hair Color Express service is only available to those who have had a prior dsparada color service. Not available to first-time clients.

*Prices are based on particular stylist or colorist. Stylists and colorists are on a level system, one through four. The prices listed are level one prices.
**Wedding services available upon consultation
**Price may include trip charge and expenses for on-site work.

Hair Color Removal

Disastrous home hair coloring projects, root color that doesn’t match your hair color, and having second thoughts about a recent hair dye job are reasons why people often seek hair color removal at dsparada Color Salon in Raleigh. Some important things to know about hair color removal include:

If you colored your hair three days ago, over-the-counter hair dye removal products probably won’t remove the color. Consult with one of our Raleigh hair color salon professionals before using OTC hair color removal to achieve desired results.

OTC hair dye removal products are cheap because they contain the cheapest chemicals needed to essentially “fry” the color out of your hair. Avoid extensive hair damage by having a licensed stylist remove your hair color with salon industry products and hot oil treatments.

Dyeing your hair directly after removing color should only be done at our Raleigh hair color salon. OTC hair color removers can severely dehydrate your scalp, weaken hair, and even damage hair follicles enough to interfere with normal hair growth.

Baking soda, vinegar, hair bleach, and anti-dandruff shampoos DO NOT remove hair color.

Baking soda and vinegar may cause unwanted color tints to emerge in your hair. Bleach meant to lighten hair can give your hair a greenish tinge, which is difficult to remove. Perm solutions will also not remove hair coloring. Please consult our professionals when considering hair color removal.

Professional Hair Color Removal

Removing hair color safely involves color molecule shrinking (oxidative removers) and conditioner/hot oil treatments, which are all offered at our color salon in Raleigh. Color molecule treatments for removing hair dye works by applying a solution and heating the solution to gently diminish color molecule size. Instead of damaged, brittle, weakened hair, your hair remains healthy, conditioned, and free of unwanted colors. Be aware that semi-permanent hair colors are made with direct and oxidative dyes, so color molecule shrinking treatments may not be wholly effective with this type of hair color. If you have any questions, or you’re in need of hair color removal, please contact dsparada Color Salon in Raleigh and schedule a consultation.