Unlike hair color that embeds dye molecules into protein structures, compromising hair fibers, hair glaze is formulated to increase your hair’s shine while enhancing your hair’s color. Hair glaze effects usually last two to three weeks and can be re-applied by your hair stylist at dsparada on an as-needed basis. Two kinds of hair glazes are available — clear and color. Clear hair glaze coats hair shafts with a healthy, lustrous shine. Color glaze adds a temporary hair color to your hair in addition to a beautiful sheen. Some of our clients prefer color hair glaze instead of permanent hair coloring because color glaze fades slowly and avoids the issue of dealing with multi-colored hair roots.

How Your Stylist Applies Hair Glaze

After dampening your hair with water, your stylist applies hair glaze with a brush with or without heat. Blow drying glazed hair takes about 10 to 15 minutes, while not blow drying glazed hair allows the glaze to soak on your hair for a few minutes before your stylist shampoos and conditions your hair. Because hair glaze is free of peroxides or ammonia, it will gradually wash out over a period of two to three weeks.

Why Would You Want to Glaze Your Hair Instead of Coloring It?

  • Hair glaze is a great way to condition damaged, dull hair. Your hair will feel silky and look dazzlingly shiny for several weeks. In addition, glaze offers a quick and easy color boost for people who are in-between hair coloring appointments.
  • Fine, limp hair benefits from hair glaze as glaze temporarily thickens hair strands, making it less lifeless and “fly-away.”
  • If too much summer fun in the sun and chlorinated swimming pools has damaged your hair, glazing helps repair hair by returning its healthy texture, shine, and silkiness.
  • Highlights have your hair looking a bit too brassy? Tone them down with hair glazing treatments at our Raleigh color salon.

Hair Glazing vs. Hair Glossing

Unlike hair glazing, hair glossing contains peroxide, a chemical necessary to lift cuticles so that the gloss can penetrate hair shafts and deposit color molecules inside the shafts. Additionally, hair glosses create an extremely smooth surface to the hair, giving your hair a different kind of shine and color that lasts up to six weeks.

Interested in Hair Glazing?

Learn more about the exciting advantages of hair glaze. Call dsparada Color Salon today to schedule a consultation appointment with a professional hair stylist in Raleigh who will review techniques and colors recommended for achieving your desired look.